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As a high-achieving advertising executive for the last 20+ years, Erin is an expert on the in's and out's of digital marketing, organic and paid ads, photography, design, branding, influencer-driven growth, and the importance of brand awareness when it comes to the ever-changing social platforms trends.

Erin had achieved everything she could have ever imagined in her career, including starting her own all-female advertising agency, but something was still missing. She was burnt out, exhausted, and unhappy and it was time for a change.

In 2023, she started Killing Kittens For Money and started to pull out of her ad agency in search of happiness and balance. And through the support of her husband and family, she became one of OnlyFans top 1.8% creators in her first 2 months; an unheard-of rise on the platform due to her years of marketing expertise and understanding of social media marketing, branding, and connection.


Support female creators through education in digital marketing and AI and change the way female creators value themselves and their time in the marketplace. 

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